Stained Glass Windows, Quilting,

Picking Pictures

OK – Today I will be powering through the pictures of what I have been doing this past year.   I am missing three pictures that I know of but I am being reminded of them as I got through the pictures.

I have been asked ans asked to see what I have been doing all in one place.  I figured doing a blog is hard work – so far NO!

I will be putting in the comments of the pictures where I got the idea or “How To Do It”.  Being up to eight compositions books full of instructions, I’m learning.   As I sew I hear the iron your seams this way or that way so the two seams will “nest” (come together and sew as one seam not as two).   This nesting business “gets my goose” but I will continue to work on it like I pray you will as well.

Just so you know, I started at the bottom and am working to the top.  So by tomorrow evening all pictures that are posted with have explanations and descriptions.

Have a great day everyone!

Eve A Ward


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