Living Life

Wow, life has been busy.   I have been asked to make a queen size quilt for the church to raffle off in September.   But I was just asked only a week ago.   My quilt is a Bow-Tie Quilt with a pillow to match.  When I finish it, I will post the picture of it.

It consist of Bow-Tie in a scrappy look in the center.  One two inch border, a black and white border of Bow-Tie and then another three inch border.  For the center there is 208 blocks and around the black and white border there are 70 more blocks. No one will be able to say, this quilt is boring!   A lot to look at for sure!

What are you working on?  Love to hear and maybe exchange ideas.

Happy Stitching –



Uncompleted to Completed Projects

As I’m going through the pictures I am beginning to see why my family has been saying, Eve/Mom you have done a lot in the past year.   I think I have!  Boy it has been fun!  The three hunting/camouflage  quilts due all at the same time proved interesting, but they were completed on time and turned out nicely.

I made a Christmas quilt in Dec 2016 and only completed the top.  It is over 100″ long and I’ve been debating whether to cut it or not in half.   I’m not going to – one very long quilt to cuddle into!  This will be the next quilt I complete.

Making a promise, mine being finish all unfinished projects, can make you crazy in the head.  I put some aside because I’m stuck, they are too long, I need more material, or etc ….  So “Eve’s Spring Quilt” will be pushed back a little more.  I am going to finish the quilts, crafts, etc… in the order I started them.   Its how I am doing it, how will you decide to complete yours?

Do you have uncompleted projects to do?  Make a list of uncompleted projects, make sure to leave extra space for what you need to do and needs to be purchased, and be realistic about them.   What do you need to know, to purchase, to ask about, etc … that will make you want to push that one craft back.   Force yourself “out of the box” and you will make/create a very special item.

Best advice I could ever give is something I learned from Angela Walters (The Midnight Quilt Show) Titled 3 Things Quilters Shouldn’t Do.  Please watch it and at the end, the last thing she wants you to remember – its wonderful!  It has helped me a lot to think – I don’t have to be perfect.  I don’t have to have perfect quilts.   Am I learning from my mistakees – well Yes I Am!  So mistake made and LESSON LEARNED!

Keep Crafting

Eve A Ward


Lesson Learned

You would think what I’m about to tell you is common sense.   In fact, I believed it was before I did it …….. BUT  ……. some things have to reminded of …….

Did you know that if you look up at the same time that you are cutting with your rotary cutters you could cut your finger(s) or hand?   Well, please let me learn the lesson for you.  YES you can!!!   Ambulance drive to hospital and 2 1/2 hours later – the bleeding finally stopped.

I did a good job of cutting as well.  PLEASE don’t follow in my footsteps.   Keep an eye on the scissors (rotary or not) at all times.   Cutters don’t have eyes and supposedly we do!

HA!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Quillow With A Twist

Learning so much from this very kind lady has been a joy.  She writes to you and helps you when you need it!

I love this idea of a Quillow and in fact it is Christmas gifts for my children this year.  I have one about done and will show it to you when I complete it.

What is a Quillow you ask???  Well, it is a Quilt folded up and a Pillowcase created and sewn onto the edge of the quilt.  Fold said quilt four times, then fold again into the pillowcase.  Once inside the pillowcase, you will see that the quilt can stay clean and one pillow has been created.

Interested?  Watch the below video and have pen and paper ready.   Remember the pause button so you can write directions down.

If you do this Quillow, please let me know – I’d love to see your pictures ….


Stained Glass Windows, Quilting,

Picking Pictures

OK – Today I will be powering through the pictures of what I have been doing this past year.   I am missing three pictures that I know of but I am being reminded of them as I got through the pictures.

I have been asked ans asked to see what I have been doing all in one place.  I figured doing a blog is hard work – so far NO!

I will be putting in the comments of the pictures where I got the idea or “How To Do It”.  Being up to eight compositions books full of instructions, I’m learning.   As I sew I hear the iron your seams this way or that way so the two seams will “nest” (come together and sew as one seam not as two).   This nesting business “gets my goose” but I will continue to work on it like I pray you will as well.

Just so you know, I started at the bottom and am working to the top.  So by tomorrow evening all pictures that are posted with have explanations and descriptions.

Have a great day everyone!

Eve A Ward

My Blessings

I have been down for a few months because I just couldn’t find God’s purpose for me.  It weighted heavily on my heart.

Last year, I think April or May (2016), I opened the door to find my mailman with a large box.  I knew I wasn’t expecting anything but the box was addressed to me.  When I opened the box there were yards of uncut fabric.  I put the box aside thinking there is no way!  The next day the mailman at the door again with a box.   I’m thinking “Oh NO!”  Sure enough the box was filled with different kinds of uncut fabric.  A pattern for another Log Cabin was inside.  I asked God, what are you trying to teach me because maybe He didn’t remember my constant ability to mess up the bobbin’s in sewing machines.

You are wondering, why is this so amazing – WELL – if you had me close to your sewing machine you would see why within five minutes.   Every machine I was near, I messed up the bobbin terribly.  I paid to be taught to sew, along with my daughters, within about an hour, I had four machine bobbins messed up and the teacher asked me to not touch another machine.  At the end of the class she said she would teach my girls but she didn’t feel that I could be taught.

BUT right now in front of me was a Log Cabin pattern and yards of fabric.  A week earlier I had been told about a knitting group at our local library.   I went, was very quiet, but listened intently.   I had heard one lady talk about her quilts and loving to quilt.  After the meeting I asked her if she would teach me to quilt.  She was giddy and answered YES!

The next meeting she brought her sewing machine, cutting boards, rulers, papers, fabric in case of needing it (to say the least she was prepared).  I looked at her and said but I don’t sew.   She told me I do now and to sit.  I giggled to myself but I obeyed and sat down.  I did mess up her machine within minutes but I had to fix them myself as she told me what to do.

Ever since that day, I have been sewing, quilting, making so many things.   I will be sharing them with you.  Let me know what you think.

Remember, I am NOT a seasoned quilter but a beginner.  I know there are mistakes but every mistake you make a lesson is learned!